Crotty Dental

Dr Willem Halm , BDs Adel.


Patients who have been with us for a while know Dr Halm, who has been with Crotty Dental for more than 15 years. Dr Halm is often called upon for complex wisdom teeth removal! And also holds the record for the most teeth pulled out in a record amount of time back when he use to work at the government dental clinic!  This procedure is normally carried out at in chair at our dental surgery. He is a favourite of many of our patients for his quirky yet caring personality and can make even the most nervous patients at ease with his jokes and relaxed nature.

Dr Halm is also the owner of the 1982 Honda Gold wing with the famous side cart normally parked outside our practice on the days he operates! He enjoys taking his grandchildren for a ride in his pride and joy as well as participating in charities such as the distinguished gentleman’s ride or the Myer Christmas toy run.