Acrylic Items


What are they?

A mouthguard is a personalised fitted appliance/ tray costumed made to fit your teeth and offer protection for them as well as your jaw, soft tissue and neck against sporting injuries. As sport is one tends to be one of the most common causes of dental injuries.

Why should I get a mouthguard if I play sport?

Because a properly fitted mouthguard when worn during sport or when necessary can help protect you from chipped teeth, jaw fractures, dental trauma that could also cause lip or gum damage. Preventing these injuries from occurring can also stop long term dental issues some patients encounter after receiving one of these injuries from not wearing a mouthguard.

Why can’t I just get one from the chemist?

Well the difference being that the chemist ones aren’t fitted to your mouth individually and can potentially fall out and not work how it is supposed to work. Our patients have also mentioned that the chemist ones aren’t as comfortable compared to their fitted ones as it feels loose and doesn’t mould to your teeth like the custom-made ones are designed to do.

What’s the process?

You come in for your initial examination and we take impressions/ moulds of your teeth and have you select a colour you wish your mouthguard to be. We then create it in house or at BCI the lab upstairs depending on the type of mouthguard, which can take up to 1- 2 weeks to create. We then phone you to come in and collect and ensure that it all fits well and feels comfortable for you and off you go!

Nightguards/ splints

Most of us at some point in our life time will under go some form of stress in our lives and some of us will find that when this occurs it increases your tendencies to grind or clench your teeth or in dental terminology experience “Bruxism”.

Tooth grinding or clenching symptoms can include things such as tension headaches, ear pain, sensitive teeth or even chipped and broken teeth.

So how will the device help?

The guard acts as a protective layer between your top and bottom teeth so when you are grinding or clenching the durability of your guard is taking the brunt of the constant back and forth motion you create while doing this instead of the force being distributed onto your natural teeth.

So, when do I wear it?

We recommend for those that grind and clench to wear their splints every night when sleeping to prevent an further damage to their teeth and even go as far as suggesting you may want to wear it when undergoing something stressful such as if you are studying at home you may want to place it in then as people are know to clench when you may be concentrating on something for example.

How do I clean it?

In the morning following each use we recommend you clean your night guard with your toothbrush and toothpaste and then placing it in cold tap water when not in use.

We recommend also for a deeper clean once a week to place it in water with a denture cleaning tablet and follow those instructions. This will help fight against any bacterial growth that could occur.

What’s the process? 

After your first oral examination with one of our dentists and after bruxism is determined your dentist will then take impressions/ moulds of your teeth and we will then send them upstairs to the lab BCI to create your personalised guard for you. This takes about 10 working days. We then bring you in for your “fitting” appointment in which we fit your night guard and check it feels comfortable and adjust accordingly.