We here at Crotty dental can also organise referrals for you after your standard oral examination with us if we feel after this that a specialist might be preferred or could be used for certain dental treatment that you or the dentist believe you require.

Such referrals include:

  • Orthodontics for procedures such as braces and Invisalign.
  • Endodontics for root canal treatments if it is a difficult case and our dentists believe a better result will be reached through a specialist with particular equipment for the task.
  • Oral surgeons for patients that wish to be put under for treatment or have a difficult task like wisdom teeth removal for example that cannot be done in chair by one of our dentists due to sinus location or the angle the tooth is positioned.
  • Periodontists for patients that will be undergoing an implant procedure or for those that are experiencing forms of gum disease that the periodontist is able to clean/ treat more thoroughly due to extensive training and having different types of equipment available to do so.