Why are they needed?

Dentures/ False teeth are used to replace missing teeth and are supported by your gum tissue. Each denture is fitted and crafted by our dentists here to fit to you individually and the best thing about it is you can add as many teeth as you like to your denture whether you need it to replace just the two teeth or even a full row.

Why should I get them?

After you have a dental extraction or lose a tooth we offer dentures as one of the options for replacement for the natural tooth/teeth you are losing for various reasons. Some being as simple as cosmetic reasons so you can get that full smile back and give you back the confidence some patients feel they lose when they have a gap present when it comes to smiling and talking.

The other reasons being more physical such as having a denture can make it more possible to comfortably chew those foods you love and help you retain your remaining teeth as its quite common that the teeth next door to the missing tooth have the tendency to drift into the space and can cause other issues such as biting alignments. 

So, what happens if it’s a front tooth and I don’t want to be without that tooth for a period of time?

Immediate dentures are something we offer here at Crotty dental so you don’t have to!

How does it work you may ask?

Our dentist will take impressions/ moulds of your teeth as well as take a shade for your denture and make sure you and the dentist both understand what is required of the end result. This appointment takes place in the morning on any day of your choice and normally the first appointment of that day.
You then leave with your second appointment being scheduled later that same day while we send off your impressions to our chosen denture technician in the mean time for it to be created.

When you come back for that appointment we will then remove the tooth that needs extracting and fit your new denture immediately.

After this your dentist will then ask you to monitor how the denture feels and come back if you need to for the first two weeks after that appointment to adjust anything that may need to be adjusted to make your denture comfortable.  From then on 3- 6 months to monitor any adjustments or relines that may need doing to ensure your comfort.

If not choosing the immediate option the process is similar in the manor that your dentist and our chosen denture technician for your case will be working close together and back and forth to ensure the end result is comfortable and what you desire. This process normally takes about 4-5 appointments leaving about a week space between each appointment to ensure the lab has enough time to process and work with the information your dentist provides per appointment ensuring it is created as close to the desired result as possible before any adjustments are made on the final appointment.