Emergency Dentistry

Have you ever been in the middle of eating something crunchy or sticky and suddenly you hear an unpleasant sound in your mouth or even find a piece of what appears to be a part of your tooth in your mouth? What about waking up in the morning with swelling or unexplained pain in what feels like one of your teeth or jaw? Believe me we have heard it all before!  If you experience any pain or discomfort like this please contact us as soon as possible so we can work on booking you in for an appointment and assisting you back to better health!  


One of our friendly dentists will relieve the pain that you are in and explore all possible treatment plan options for you to ensure you receive the best possible outcome for your condition.

Unfortunately sometimes out of hours you may be unlucky to experience some of these issues we have mentioned prior and if that is the case we advise you if it’s something that can wait till the following morning to please contact us via our Facebook so we are aware and can pencil you in straight away or call us 6224 7666 upon opening at 8.00am so we can work at booking you in and get you treated as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can also leave a message on your answering machine after hours and we will return your call at 8am the following morning.

However, if you are experiencing an unbearably amount of pain and something deemed potentially as a life-threatening emergency, please go straight to the closest emergency department near you to be treated or seen to immediately.


So, what are potentially some of the causes of sudden tooth pain?
Some of these causes include:
•    Cavities that have potentially spread deeper into one of your teeth and possibly have reached the nerve
•    Advanced stages gum disease
•    A tooth could have potentially become infectious/abscessed
•    Some of your tooth roots may be exposed
•    A tooth could potentially be impacted for example wisdom tooth coming through and not enough room being present in the mouth.
•    You may have noticed you have a chipped or fractured a tooth that is giving you trouble, if possible, we advise if you have the missing piece to please bring it with you on the day so the dentist can see the break and see if its possible to replace for you.
•    You may have lost tooth due to an injury or even just lost it for a reason you are not aware of.  If possible, we advise if you have the missing tooth to please bring it with you on the day and the dentist will do their best with replacing the tooth or offering other alternatives to fill the space.
•    A tooth may have become dislodged and is hanging on for dear life
•    An object of some sort may have gotten stuck between your teeth and you are unable to remove it with your normal dental hygiene practices.
•    A filling or a crown has potentially fallen off or become loose.
•    You may have injured your gums or palate in some way causing discomfort.


If you experience any of these, we advise you to try and get in contact with us as soon as possible so the incident doesn’t lead to any further issues for you.

If I have a lost a tooth is there any way to preserve it?
If you retrieve the tooth, we advise you rinse it (avoiding the root area) and try to gently place it back in the socket. However, if this does not work, we advise if you can, to place the tooth in a glass of milk right up until the point that you attend your appointment.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work however by following these instructions you give your dentist the best chance of being able to revive or save the tooth for you.

We welcome all new and existing patients on an emergency basis and will always do our best in ensuring you get an appointment as soon as possible, so we can help in assisting you fixing your dental emergency.