Professional Teeth whitening

Is it safe for your teeth?

Under professional supervision and guidance teeth whitening is safe for your teeth for many reasons.

Unlike other online products because we create personalised teeth moulds that fit perfectly for your teeth and your teeth only this stops the chance of any of the solution leaking onto gum areas and into places we don’t wish for it to go.

The solution we sell here ranges from 6% to 18% and our dentists will determine in your initial examination what results you are wanting to achieve and consider your teeth back ground such as if you have previously had sensitive teeth before to then recommended the percentage for you. Remembering also the percentage we prescribe here at our practice is legally the highest doses you can sell and use for patient use where as if you are to purchase online you can not guarantee the product you are using will work or what percentage you are using.
You will also be given instructions and correct guidance from our dentists upon the examination explaining to you the healthy time frame to under go your whitening process and when to do so, as well as when to stop and have a break and the products to use during the procedure which we supply you with such as sensitive toothpaste and tooth mousse.

Why do teeth stain?

Some causes can be things such as coffee, tea, dark sodas, red wine, tobacco, poor dental hygiene, antibiotics and certain types of medication and even dark coloured fruits or vegetables.

Even things like Trauma, disease, certain medical procedures and age-related reasons such as aging can cause different forms of staining.

Who do we use?

We use SDI Pola advanced tooth whitening system for both our take home kits and in chair whitening procedures.

Difference between our in chair and take home whitening kits:

The great thing about both services is that they both will reach the same end result which is up to 6 to 8 shades lighter. The difference being the in chair would be more suitable for someone who is pressed for time schedule wise or have an upcoming event and does not have the 14 or so days to whitening gradually as in chair only takes a one-off hour appointment to receive full results.

Take home trays are great as they will still give you those 8 shades but you have more control over doing so gradually for example you might even feel after wearing your take home trays over night for the last 7 nights that even though you have whitened it to 6 shades lighter that you are actually happy with that and choose to stop for a while until you need touching up again.  It is also good for those that have sensitive teeth as you progress at your own pace you can simply take breaks here and there when you feel like it is required while still getting to the goal you wish to achieve.

Do we have packages?

Yes, we sure do! We offer one of two options, one being an instant 90 minute in chair option and the other being a gradual take home whitening kit.

So, what does the take home kit look like famous for being known as our $390 whitening package:
•    Fund only check up and professional clean (or half price check and professional clean for those that aren’t a member of a health fund).
•    Fluoride application
•    Intra oral photos x2
•    X-rays if necessary, each side
•    Impressions for personalised whitening trays
•    Pola night whitening gel syringes x10
•    Desensitising toothpaste

Last but not least is the in-chair package! Also known as our famous Diamond package, phone us to get a quote today! This includes:
•    Full check up
•    Full professional clean
•    Fluoride application
•    X-rays if necessary, each side
•    Intra oral photos x2
•    Impressions for your own personalised whitening touch up trays
•    Pola night 3g whitening gel solution to use in your personalised trays
•    Desensitising toothpaste
•    Desensitising gel application
•    Whitening pen
•    Plush Pola bear toy
•    Pola office + whitening gel solution applied to teeth and set with blue led light a total of 4 times in 8-minute intervals


Call us now on 6224 7666 to discuss the package that best suits you.