Crowns and Bridges

If you are about to undergo an extraction or have broken a tooth recently we understand you will be looking at a solution such as a crown or bridge to resolve the health or even the appearance of your smile/tooth.

We also understand everyone has different preferences of what say see their desired end result to look like which is why we have in place different types of materials for this options such as gold crowns or tooth coloured crowns. This will also be decided due to what our dentists recommended to due to the circumstances of the tooth that is being treated.

Although the outside of our teeth are strong they still can be chipped, broken or weakened due to:

  • Trauma
  • Tooth Decay
  • Large fillings placed previously
  • Root canal treatment
  • Age related wear and tear

In this circumstance a crown will be offered as the dentist believes it is the best way to save the tooth in question or strengthen it.  A crown fits over the natural tooth when it is prepared in the first procedure like a cap to replace the natural crown. This way the material is taking on the brunt of the bite and pressure created by the mouth rather than the weakened tooth itself making its life span longer.

Crown procedure:

The process involves that area being numbed with local anaesthetic which then the dentist will drill out any decay if necessary and shape the natural tooth making it smaller by two millimetres or so to provide space for the crown to be placed over.  Impressions/ moulds are taken of your teeth along with a shade or material selected and are sent to BCI the lab upstairs in the building we are located in for them to create your crown and in the meantime the dentist will attach a temporary crown to the site for you so you are comfortable in the waiting period for the official crown to be made which can take up to 10 business days to create. The insert appointment involves our dentists removing the temporary and simply replacing it with the crown and adjusting it if need be so you feel completely comfortable visually and physically.

Bridge procedure:

A bridge procedure is similar as the teeth either side of the gap are shaped by drilling also. Both teeth are fitted with crowns which work as anchors for the replacement tooth which will be attached to the frame work of the two crowns being placed either side and then is cemented in place like the crowns.

Both should last many years but we base it on good dental hygiene, oral health and the forces such as chewing power you apply to your teeth.  Flossing is also a must!