Children's Dentistry

Our dental practice recommends that we start seeing all children at a young age to familiarise them with the process of visiting the dentist, sometimes this may even be as simple as just placing them in the chair and allowing them to go up and down. Eventually we aim to be able to have a look inside your child’s mouth with a mirror and probe so the dentist can count all teeth and ensure all are accounted for as well as all are looking healthy and progressing along as they should. This will also instil good dental hygiene practices early on in life. All of our friendly dentists enjoy working closely with parents on introducing various techniques and information regarding their child’s dental health, to ensure they are informed correctly and acquire the correct tools to assist their children in the best way possible.


Fissure sealants:
Fissure sealants are something we use here to prevent decay on your child’s teeth. If we believe that your child is prone to decay or has what appears to be deep groves within their tooth surfaces this is a procedure that may be applied or recommended. Fissure sealants are basically clear coatings that are applied to those problem areas that involve little if not any drilling to help prevent food and bacteria from latching in those areas that you may find hard to keep clean when applying your normal dental hygiene practices.

This procedure not only is less invasive for the child but can also last for up to five years and is easy enough to replace once it has worn off.  

If you would like to organise your child’s first dental visit with us or even their second! Please feel free to give us a call on 6224 7666. We operate in after school hours and on Saturdays to help making this task easier.

Does my child needs braces?
Don’t stress! This is something our dentists will evaluate upon having a good look within your child’s mouth. If you have any concerns about this issue please feel free to explain this to your dentist at the appointment so they can indicate if this is the case or if its something they will need to watch in upcoming appointments as it may be too early to determine.

If they do need braces it’s as simple as your dentist advising you of this and asking you if you have a preference for your child’s orthodontist or if you were happy with the dentist deciding where to refer them. The dentist will decide your orthodontist simply by which one they recommend for your case and by the waiting list of the orthodontist depending if you need to get an appointment sooner rather than later.

A referral letter will be written by the dentist and sent of via email to the orthodontist with your x-rays attached and then it’s as simple as calling them and scheduling an appointment.